Eligibility to Enter the Ocean Crusaders Quest

  • The event is open to anybody over the age of 16 at the time of the event and is a financial member of PaddleAustralia or its affiliated state associations (e.g. PaddleNSW). Non-members of PaddleAustralia can enter the event by paying the Single Event membership fee which is included in the entry cost.

  • Each participant needs to be part of a 2-person team and paddle a craft that falls within one of the two categories indicated below.

  • Each participant must agree to comply with the Conditions of Entry governing the event

Essential Competencies

  • Each participant needs to be able to swim a minimum of 50 metres while wearing a life jacket.

  • All teams entering the event must be capable of handling enclosed and partly enclosed water conditions in “fresh” winds that may be head on, abeam or following.

  • All teams must be able to independently self-rescue in the event of a capsize. Verification of being able to do so will need to be provided prior to the event. Acceptable verification can be provided in numerous ways:

o Video submission

o Possession of a PaddleAustralia skills qualification wherein an assisted rescue, both as rescuer and rescue, are included in the award’s evidence guidelines

o Logbook sign off for NSWSK Club Grade 2 assisted rescue competencies

o Signed declaration by an independent paddler (i.e. not a team partner) at peer level

o Demonstration in front of approved agent prior to the event – right up to the start of Day 1 of the event

  • All teams must have at least one member capable of reading a map and using a compass.

Allowable Craft

All craft must be paddle powered only - sails, motors or pedals power are not allowed. 


Open cockpit craft (Singles and Doubles)

  • Ocean skis (minimum of 4.25 metres in length) 

  • Ocean Canoes (OC1 and OC2)

  • SUPs 


Enclosed cockpit craft (Singles and Doubles)

  • Recreational and sea kayaks (minimum of 4.25 metres in length). Kayaks need to have sufficient buoyancy to remain afloat and capable of being paddled in the event of a flooded cockpit. K1's, K2's, TK1's and TK2's are considered unsuitable for the location and will not be allowed to be used in the event.

Prize Winning Classes

  • Overall winner – the team that accumulates the most points regardless of craft (within the specified categories) used. Teams made up of two single craft from different categories qualify for this prize.

  • Open cockpit singles (2 per team) – most points accumulated within class

  • Open cockpit doubles (1 per team)- most points accumulated within class

  • Enclosed cockpit singles (2 per team) – most points accumulated within class

  • Enclosed cockpit doubles (1 per team) – most points accumulated within class

  • SUP's (2 per team)

The ProKayaks Cup

  •  An annual award that goes to the “Club” with the highest combined net score (i.e. after bonus points added and penalty points deducted) of the two highest scoring teams. A “Club” is defined as any group (not necessarily from a PaddleNSW affiliated club) in the event where a minimum of two 2-person teams (regardless of craft paddled) are participating. Teams vying for this award will need to indicate their intention to do so at the time of registration.

In the event of tied points within a class, the team that finishes earliest (times accumulated over the 2 days) will be declared the winner of the class concerned.