Mandatory Equipment


​​1. for each team

  • Seaworthy craft (within the specified categories – refer Eligibility criteria))

  •  Mobile phone enclosed in watertight case; an emergency telephone numbers card (supplied as part of the Event Information package)

  • Whistle

  • Event map (supplied as part of the Event Information package)

  • Compass

  • Tow rope

  •  Waterproof torch


2. for each participant

  •  Approved life jacket with event bibs (supplied by Event Organisers) attached on back (to be worn at all times on the water)

  •  Sun protection (hat and sun cream)

  • Water (2 litres minimum)

  • Appropriate clothing for likely conditions (no cotton)

  •  Suitable footwear offering adequate protection from sharps (oysters, rocks, etc)

  • Windproof and waterproof outer shell

  •  Space blanket


3. for open cockpit craft (including SUPs)

  • leg leash


4. for enclosed cockpit craft

  • Spray skirt for each team member

  • Pump (electric, foot or hand) or bailer